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DATES (1 day)  

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Target Audience

A Yellow Belt is a process operator, either in a manufacturing sense or an office (transactional) sense, or a member of the management team. The Yellow Belt is expected to participate in Six Sigma project teams when a Six Sigma project is concerned with a process within which the Yellow Belt operates.


the Yellow Belt will:

  • work with local Green Belt to identify and quantify opportunities for improvement within the locale;
  • be required to work under the direction of a Green Belt as a member of a larger Six Sigma project
  • be required to participate in a smaller Six Sigma projects under the direction of a Green Belt.


The training programme for candidate Yellow Belts takes the form of a one-day Six Sigma awareness course where the purpose of Six Sigma and the Six Sigma process (DMAIC) is explained. Detailed descriptions of the Six Sigma tools are kept to a minimum.


  • Introduction to Six Sigma                                                                             
  • What is Six Sigma Quality                                                                 
  • Step 1 Define                                                                                                 
  • Step 2 Measure                                                                                  
  • Step 3 Analyse                                                                                   
  • Step 4 Improve                                                                                  
  • Step 5 Control                                                                                    
  • Step 6 Replicate Results                                                                                

Certification and Certificates:

Successful Learners will receive a TIQMS certificate